Websites for Beginners

Where to start?
Web design for individuals and small businesses
We design affordable websites for the small business owner or self-employed individuals, looking at creating a presence on the web. We try to make the process as straight forward as possible by using terms that real people understand and not just people in our field. We encourage our customers to feel free to ask us questions that they may feel uncomfortable asking regular website creators. We develop great websites that fit in with the needs of small and local businesses by listening to and understanding their requirements and developing the site accordingly. Prices start from as little as £120 - See our pricing tables
Get Yourself Seen
Being seen on the web is a key factor for any small business or tradesman.  We believe that strong colours and excellent themes help people come back to your site again and again.
It's important to us that we converse with our clients and find out what’s most important to them? 
This helps us to determine what kind of site to design and what kind of content should be included.
You can have as much or as little Input as you like.
Website extras
What most people may not realise is that when you purchase a website you also need to purchase a domain name and a hosting package which allows you to display your website. M2D2 Studio – Small Business website developers can help you choose the right domain name for your business and provide you with an easy and affordable hosting package. See information below
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Domain Names
M2D2 Studio Domain Names – A domain name ( is what you call your business on the web. If you have a store called JT example, you may want your domain name to reflect this and we can advise you on what would be best for you. A domain name is paid for annually with the first year free ( with our packages.
Hosting Package
M2D2 Studio Hosting – To view a website it needs to be displayed on the world web for all to see. This is what we call “Hosting”. Hosting packages are paid for monthly or 10 monthly. Upto 6 months free with our packages.