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Our Basic Website is one of the cheapest on the market and can help your business have a small presence on the web. These days unless you are listed on the world wide web, people don't really take you seriously, so this is a quick cost effective way to get your information seen. It is the perfect website for a Self-Employed Individual, Tradesmen, Entertainer, Mobile Hairdresser or indeed anyone else that just needs contact information and some basic details about what they do.
Included in the Basic Website package:
Only £150
  • Fully Functioning Responsive Website – The Website will function on any size screen.
  • Free Logo Design
  • 1 Years subscription to a domain name
*Providing you use our hosting package
  • 1 Months free Website Hosting – Comes with 2 Mail Boxes and Webmail,
*Monthly cost of Hosting is £9.99 or 10 months for £80.
  • Professional Email Support should you find any difficulties